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Hogwarts Legacy: How to unlock Expelliarmus

Wave goodbye to those wands.

Expelliarmus is a spell in Hogwarts Legacy. The signature magic used by Harry Potter, this ability lets you fire a beam at an opponent to disarm them. Here’s our Hogwarts Legacy guide to help you unlock the Expelliarmus spell.

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Hogwarts Legacy guide – How to unlock Expelliarmus

The Expelliarmus spell in Hogwarts Legacy is available somewhat early in the campaign, though it has to be at least your third day as a student. You will, essentially, need to complete the Incendio assignment, followed by the Secrets of the Restricted Section quest. On Day 3, you’ll be able to visit your Defense Against the Dark Arts class once more. The professor will present you with yet another assignment:

  • Successfully avoid enemy attacks by dodge rolling (10 times).
  • Cast Incendio on enemies (five times).
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If you attempt to track the task, no marker would appear on your map. That’s because this objective also coincides with the Crossed Wands minigame (and you should’ve reached Round 3 by now). As such, make your way to the Clock Tower to talk to Lucan Brattleby again. This particular stage has a couple of activities:

  • A practice bout with a training dummy, which will now require you to add Incendio to your combos. You’re likely to complete the Incendio tally by doing this.
  • A 2-on-4 match where you and a companion duke it out with a squad of students. It’s worth noting that two of your opponents have red shields, which means you’ll be casting Incendio anyway. More importantly, make sure that you’re often dodging in case you see spells flying your way. This lets you complete the dodge rolling tally.

When you’re finished with these tasks, make your way back to the DADA classroom. Professor Hecat will teach you the pattern that you must trace. If done successfully, you’ll unlock the Expelliarmus spell in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Hogwarts Legacy is available via Steam.

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