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Recently, a new indie studio by the name of Spiral Bound Interactive announced an upcoming horror game called You Will Die Here Tonight. Although this game explicitly takes inspiration from classic horror titles such as Resident Evil, it still boasts some notable mechanics that help it stand out from the pack. The game has a slated release window of 2022, so old-school horror fans may want to save up for this one within the next few months.

According to a press release, the idea of You Will Die Here Tonight came from Spiral Bound creative director Jonathan Williams’ unique experience with the first Resident Evil. During his younger years, Williams rented a copy of Resident Evil but could not save his progress due to lacking a PlayStation memory card. Because of this, he tried to complete the entire game in one sitting, an intense experience that led to every enemy, obstacle, and death coming with potentially severe consequences. With You Will Die Here Tonight, he aimed to replicate the tension of that experience and share it with players.


How did he accomplish this?

Williams went about this using the game’s death system, which sees players taking control of a new character after the previous one kicks the bucket. When this happens, certain actions taken by the old character will affect the replacement character in both positive and negative ways, so playing carefully is paramount. Players will attempt to make it out alive by navigating pre-rendered environments from a top-down perspective and shooting at enemies in first-person view.

The name You Will Die Here Tonight doesn’t lie, as the game is designed with the assumption that players will die over and over (and over) again. Players should go in with the expectation that reaching the ending will take some time, lest they become too frustrated and uninstall the game.

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