How to beat the Winged Pale Lament in The Last Faith

How to beat the Winged pale Lament in The Last Faith
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What’s worse than one flying boss? That’s right. Two flying bosses. Beating the Winged Pale Lament in The Last Faith is a bit of a trick due to their airborne nature, but once you have it cracked, you’ll have them grounded.

Bringing the Winged Pale Lament to the ground

At first, these guys can seem a little daunting due to their double team and airborne nature. However, they’re just a pair of softies, really, and can be taken down easily with the right tactics.

Keep them together

Your weapon in The Last Faith usually has good range, even if you’re using something like the Axe. This means that if you keep the two of them together, your swings will do double the damage. I found that if I could kite the two Winged Pale Lament to be basically on top of each other, it didn’t take too much work to hammer away at their health.

A simple attack pattern

How to beat the Winged pale Lament in The Last Faith
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The two Winged Pale Lament in The Last Faith only have a handful of moves between them. Keeping an eye on them isn’t too hard. I found that the opportune time to attack was during the poison vomit stage. The Winged Pale Lament will stop moving when they decide to shoot their shot, making them a prime target. The vomit will not chase you, so if you move out of the way with a roll, they are completely vulnerable.

The second move you need to watch for is the dive. This is telegraphed with a screech and change in height, so keep an eye out, and get ready to roll. Once the Winged Pale Lament has dived, they are vulnerable in The Last Faith.

This dive is a great moment to try to kite the two enemies together to attack at the same time. Once one of them has died, you will quickly realize just how weak they are alone.

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