How To Become A United Colonies Citizen In Starfield How To Get Citizenship New Atlantis

How to become a United Colonies citizen in Starfield

It comes with great retirement benefits.

New Atlantis is one of the main cities in Starfield and the capital of the United Colonies. You’ll find plenty of useful vendors in the city, plus it’s Constellation’s main base with the Lodge. Plan to spend a lot of time visiting New Atlantis, which means you should also learn how to become a United Colonies citizen sooner rather than later in Starfield.

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Citizenship provides several benefits including Vanguard missions and access to the facilities, the option to buy property, financial benefits, and a path to a free luxury house.

How to become a United Colonies citizen in Starfield

The opportunity to become a United Colonies citizen in Starfield becomes available early on. After you visit Constellation at the Lodge for the first time you’ll then head to MAST where the Vanguard has its office.

Speak to Commander Jon Tuala and inquire about joining the Vanguard. They will explain the benefits, the need for new Vanguard personnel, and explain the requirements. Once you agree, head downstairs via elevator and complete the Vanguard organization introduction and flight simulator trial. Note that you’ll need to clear any bounty before you can begin the intro.

Starfield How To Become A Citizen United Colonies Mast Vanguard New Atlantis Citizenship

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Head back to Tuala and they’ll send you on your first mission. It’s meant to be an easy run, but things are never that simple. You’ll uncover a series of terrifying events that require you to intervene in galactic affairs.

We’ll keep this Starfield guide spoiler free, but this is how you become a United Colonies citizen. It will require at least a couple hours to do everything and reach this milestone.

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