How to buy a house in New Atlantis in Starfield

How To Buy A House New Atlantis Starfield Purchase Citizen United Colonies Get Freestar

Bethesda games typically come with some residential options for a little charm and creative expression, and Starfield is no exception. You can buy a house in various cities in Starfield, and here’s how to buy two different houses in New Atlantis.

How to buy a house in New Atlantis in Starfield

New Atlantis serves as an operations hub for Constellation and is the largest city in Starfield so it makes sense you’ll want to know how to buy a house there. You’ll need to put in some work to meet the requirements for home ownership, so keep in mind you can use your room in the Lodge as an early place to items and equipment.

Buying a house in New Atlantis requires citizenship, and you’ll need to complete some missions for the United Colonies faction to earn that status. Once that’s taken care of, you’ll have the option to speak to the real-estate agent at Aphelion Realty across from MAST in the center of New Atlantis.

How To Buy A House New Atlantis Starfield Purchase Citizen United Colonies Get

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The house you’ll immediately be able to buy upon becoming a United Colonies citizen is the Well Apartment. It costs 30,000 credits and is down in the charming subterranean residential block below the NAT station at MAST tower. What you’ll get is a small two-floor apartment, but it’s affordable and just as useful as the next option.

If unsure where this is, go to the mission menu and then the activity tab to set a navigation marker to your house for the first time.

You can set up various crafting and research stations in your homes, so keep this in mind regarding the Well Apartment’s potential usefulness. I also found I could sneak into a neighboring apartment where I found some stashed advanced weaponry, so it was a warm welcome indeed.

There’s a better option, with a catch

If you’d prefer some thing more luxurious, you’ll need to put in the work for the Mercury Tower Penthouse. The good news is that it’s free as a reward for completing the United Colonies questline. Just keep in mind it’s a main questline, so you won’t get this penthouse quick. The Mercury Tower Penthouse is worth it though, because it’s free and the biggest house in Starfield.

There you have your two options for how to buy a house in New Atlantis in Starfield. Once you have a house, then you can decorate everything. There’s also a Dream Home questline that sets you up with a sweet crib, but you’ll need to follow this guide to finding your Dream Home to ensure access.

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