Where to find your dream home in Starfield, and how to pay it off

Starfield Dream Home Interior On Initial Visit
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As you start your Starfield journey, you make a lot of choices that determine your early circumstances. Most characters will begin with home ownership limited to a distant dream, but you can get a jump on that process if you wish. Here is our guide explaining where to find your dream home in Starfield, and how to pay it off.

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Starfield – where to find your dream home and how to pay it off

Near the very start of the game, you create your character. As part of that process, you select three Traits. One of the available traits is Dream Home, which allows you to begin the game with a home in your name. To find your dream home, select the Dream Home mission from the list of available missions. Paying off the building is a separate process. To pay off your dream home, save up 125,000 credits and hand it over to Landry Hollifeld in New Atlantis.

Starfield Dream Home Trait During Character Creation

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Your first visit to your dream home

Finding your dream home isn’t especially difficult if you pay attention to the in-game prompts. The Dream Home mission is available starting early in the game, and you also have a ship. When you haven’t yet visited your home, you can select the relevant prompt from the Dream Home menu. For me, it said Visit Your Dream Home on Nesoi. You can find Nesoi in the Olympus system.

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Set course for that location and you’ll find that you can’t enter the building unless you pay 500 credits. That’s because while the dream home is in your name, it’s not technically your property. GalBank owns it until you pay your debt.  You can make a one-time visit, but there’s not much to do unless you own it.

Starfield Dream Home Visiting Landry Hollifeld To Pay Debt

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Paying for your dream home

When you visit the GalBank building in New Atlantis, talk to Landry Hollifeld to pay for your dream home. He also offers to let you perform debt collection missions on his behalf. The tasks in the Due in Full line each pay a small sum, which won’t be enough to pay off the house. Your debt is 125,000 credits, and you have to pay it all at once.

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There’s no rush, so save up for as long as you need. If you prefer, you can instead default on the loan and lose the title to your dream home. However, I don’t recommend that approach. If you didn’t want the house, you would hardly have selected that particular trait, right? Later in the game, credits are more common and you can more easily make good on your debt.

Starfield is available to purchase on Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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