Wuthering Waves Hover Target Machine
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How to complete Hover Target Challenges in Wuthering Waves

Shoot the targets!

It may be hard for some Wuthering Waves characters to hit the targets during Hover Target Challenges. To help you make it a breeze, here is how to complete the Hover Target challenge in Wuthering Waves.

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Wuthering Waves: How to complete Hover Target challenges

The only way to complete the Hover Target challenge is to shoot the targets with a Resonator with a gun. The Hover Target challenges are one of the many mini-games in the open world that rewards you with treasure chests — and therefore, valuable items and currency. This one is special because it will have you stand on a platform and attempt to shoot at targets that appear in the air.

This, however, is impossible for Rover or any other melee characters because you cannot step out of the platform, otherwise you will lose your progress and start over.

Wuthering Waves Hover Target Platform
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Shooting the Hover Targets in Wuthering Waves

So, if you wish to complete this challenge, you will have to use one of the ranged characters in the game. Don’t worry, you won’t have to rely on any luck since the Convene system won’t be necessary. One of the early characters you get by following the story is completely capable of doing this task: Chixia.

Wuthering Waves Target Shooting
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With that being said, attacking won’t do the trick since the bullets will fly in every direction, except the target’s. I encountered this problem and the solution is aiming with your weapon by pressing G on your keyboard or using the left trigger of your controller and then shooting the targets.

How to swap characters in Wuthering Waves

Now, to swap characters is as simple as just pressing the according number or D-pad button. This can be done while exploring and during fights. However, if you don’t have Chixia in your deployed team, head to the Menu and click on Team.

There, you will be able to swap any characters by clicking on their slot and then selecting the desired character you wish to deploy. Changing your team composition won’t be possible during fights, so keep that in mind for future quests.

Wuthering Waves Resonator Selection

Aiming is not the greatest with a controller unless you do some sensitivity tweaking, so I suggest aiming with a mouse. The platform will only move across the challenge zone once, so be sure to hit everything on time unless you want to repeat it for eternity.

Now that you know how to aim and shoot — something I didn’t know was possible due to my overreliance on Rover — then you might want to consider pulling the Undying Flame from the Rangers’ Series weapon supply chest. The choice is yours!

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