Fortnite Astronaut Ship

The astronaut challenge has arrived in Fortnite. Much like the coral buddies challenge, the Fortnite astronaut challenge is also a secret one. To activate it, simply travel to the F1 block on the map and approach the space ship. Take note of the small alien inside. The objective of this mission is to find the required parts and fix the space ship so it can launch again.

Firstly, the space ship itself is located on the small island in square F1. There are three missing parts of the ship that you must find: the thruster, heat shield, and battery pack. The parts should not take long to find as they are located close to each other. In addition, the parts glow green, making them easy to spot from a distance.

Fortnite Astronaut Challenge

The thruster can be found across the bay from the space ship on the side of the cliff. Once you collect it, you should return to the ship and install it on the wings. The battery pack is located to the east of the ship in the water. Install it on the top right section of the ship. Finally, the heat shield can be discovered near the thruster, by some rocks on the sandy area at the end of the cliffs. This is installed next to the battery pack.

Time for lift off

Once you have fixed the space ship, it will indicate that a challenge event has started and the ship will begin its launch. This challenge will reward you with a lot of XP for your efforts. You will earn 14,000 XP for finding all three parts and another 14,000 XP to install them. Once you launch the ship and the timer hits zero, you will receive 25,000 XP. To complete the astronaut challenge faster, you can always team up with friends. With proper planning, the Fortnite astronaut challenge should be a quick and easy way to make progress on that battle pass.

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