How to complete the Monster Hunter Triumph in Destiny 2
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How to complete the Monster Hunter Triumph in Destiny 2

A nasty DPS check.

Many new Triumphs were added to Destiny 2 in The Final Shape expansion. Some of these additions are brutally difficult, so here’s how to complete the Monster Hunter Triumph in Destiny 2.

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What is the Monster Hunter Triumph in Destiny 2?

You can find the Monster Hunter Triumph in the Pale Heart section of the Triumphs page. This task is as challenging as it is cryptic, and it simply reads the following:

  • Defeat the giant beast within 30 seconds.

You’re given no clue as to what that giant beast is or where to find it. Fortunately, locating the beast is easy. Head to the Slayer Cyst Mission in the Blooming area of the Pale Heart and into the Seclusion cave system.

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Defeat the enemies nearby and check the Hive Runes on the sealed door in the picture above. This Hive riddle is easy to solve. There are Runes on the walls near the door, and you must shoot the ones that match the locks on the door from top to bottom.

If you screw up, reinforcements will appear, so take your time. Now you’re in the arena, let me explain how to complete the Triumph.

There are several other tricky Triumphs to complete in the Pale Heart, but this is easily one of the hardest.

How to defeat the giant beast within 30 seconds in Destiny 2

How to complete the Monster Hunter Triumph in Destiny 2
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The giant beast you must defeat is the Ogre in the middle of the room called Balakh, the Unseeing. Your opponent has a shield which you can remove by throwing orbs at it. There are three orbs around the edges of the arena, each guarded by Lightbearer Hive.

Whenever you knock Balakh’s health down by a third, his shield will return, and you’ll need to throw another orb to deactivate it.

The timing for this challenge is strict, so a full Fireteam is essential to earn the Triumph. I recommend defeating all the Lightbearer Hive enemies, taking the orbs, and placing them in a pile somewhere. I did this behind a rock where Balakh couldn’t shoot me.

How to complete the Monster Hunter Triumph in Destiny 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

A great strategy to end this encounter quickly is to have one player in charge of the orbs while the others focus purely on DPS. The Parasite Grenade Launcher is a great choice for the initial phase, but you can use any weapon with high burst damage, like the Apex Predator or Dragon’s Breath.

When the boss’s shield returns, your orb thrower must be ready to lower it so you can continue your assault immediately. I recommend spending your Supers for the second phase unless you want to keep them until the end. The hardest part of this challenge is keeping your DPS numbers high. There’s little margin for error, and suboptimal weapons won’t cut it.

Try not to get frustrated if this takes a few attempts, as you may have to return later with better gear. Ultimately, this is a difficult Triumph and requires great weapons and coordination. Fortunately, you can repeat this encounter as often as you like. Persevere, Guardian, as I know you can do it!

As you’re in a Cyst area for this encounter, make sure you understand how to use Memory Vestiges, as they are prone to bugs.

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