How to deal with the Suppressor Affix Elites in Diablo 4

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Enemies in Diablo 4 have a bunch of things to protect themselves from your brutal attacks. Most powers could make fighting them harder depending on what class you pick. It’s just another way to make the combat deeper and more immersive. When the enemy pops up some sort of buff that helps them, you must change your strategy. If you’re successful, you’ll overcome the enemies easily. There are many buffs enemies place on themselves in Diablo 4, all that do something different. The one that you’ll have to deal with is Suppressor Affix, which is mostly on elites in Diablo 4. Thankfully no matter what class you pick, this guide could help you understand this mechanic better. 

Diablo 4: How to deal with Suppressor Affix elites

Fighting a monster with this shield active is rather easy. Simply pass through the shield, and you’ll be able to fight the monster head-on. However, if you’re playing a class like the Rogue, you should be careful when attacking in close quarters. When these elites are being protected by the shield, any ranged attack gets negated, so for Rogues it’s easier to be quick about your attacks. 

I’ve been trying out the Tornado Druid in Diablo 4, it’s easier to take on these elites with that class. As soon as I enter the shield, I activate my Hurricane attack which is outputting consistent damage. After, I send my wolves at them since it’s a direct hit and almost all the time finishes the job. The Druid can take a lot of damage and can afford to run in and out much slower. This makes it easier to fight the enemy when you can do that.

What is the Suppressor Affix 

You’ve probably already run into these elites thousands of times in Diablo 4 and may have overlooked it. The Affix is a medium-sized bubble that goes around the elite’s area and moves with it. There are many shield bubbles that enemies use, however, this one is purple-colored, so it’s easier to spot. This Affix is different than the others since there’s no time limit for it to go away. To destroy the Suppressor Affix, you must kill the elite. In other words, fight using the method stated above. 

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