How to delete an Outpost in Starfield

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Given how many planets you can explore in Starfield, it makes sense that you might wish to build bases around the galaxies they occupy. Provided you acquire the proper resources, doing so isn’t a problem. But you can only build so many of them in the end, and you might realize you’ve placed one in a less-than-optimal location. Fortunately, you can rectify any such mistakes. This guide tells you how to delete an Outpost in Starfield.

Starfield: How to delete an Outpost

Outposts are tremendous bases capable of helping you develop additional resources. You can construct a variety of buildings to mine for the minerals and gasses you need for crafting. While you can customize your outpost in numerous ways, you’re only allowed maintain eight of them at once (unless you activate and upgrade the Planetary Habitation skill late in the game). Sometimes, that limitation means you’ll need to tear one down for the greater good of your expedition. To delete an Outpost, approach the main beacon, then press and hold the indicated button or key.

Starfield Outpost Beacon Remove Or Rename

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Any Outpost you build starts with the beacon. Check our guide explaining how to build outposts if you need assistance getting started. From there, you can add and customize many additional structures. The above screenshot shows a beacon as seen through your character’s eyes, along with available options that appear when you get near it.

You have to move your aiming cursor so it rests on the black box that looks like an old radio. Tap the indicated button if you want to Rename it so it has a more memorable name (that way you can easily find it when you scan the planet from your ship). Press and hold the button if you want to Remove Outpost.

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On an Xbox controller like the one I use to play, holding the X button works. Otherwise, on a keyboard, the R key performs the same function. When you press and hold the key, a circle fills and then the game asks for confirmation. Outpost removal is permanent, as a reminder.

Unless you’re wandering and happen to find a rare resource vein, I recommend that you be stingy with your Outpost placement. Don’t commit to building one until you’re sure its location meets your needs. Removal may be free, but you won’t get back any effort you may have put into one.

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