Can you increase outpost range in Starfield?

Can You Increase Outpost Range In Starfield
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When you first create an outpost in Starfield, you’ll quickly realize the limited space you have to work with. Sure, you start with a good amount of space for a few extractors, storage containers, and a shelter, but what if you want more? Finding different resource veins in one area is tough, which makes extracting multiple resources in one outpost evermore difficult. The real question then is whether or not you can increase your outpost range in Starfield. We’ll answer this question below.

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Starfield: Can you expand your outpost radius?

While there are many unique building opportunities on your outpost to improve it, what about making your outpost larger? Unfortunately, you cannot increase your outpost range in Starfield. Despite players on Reddit discussing the same question, there is currently no way to make your outpost bigger.

How to increase outpost building range
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While I was playing Starfield, I thought the game had told me to craft a Scan Booster to increase my outpost’s range. But once I read the description of the machine, it only increases your hand scanner’s range. This doesn’t seem like a very helpful addition to my outpost.

Me, and other players, seem to have the same idea that outposts should get a bit of a size increase. When I jump onto a planet with multiple resources, I typically only find one or two resource veins in the same area. So when I’m looking to place down an outpost for resource extracting, I can usually only build two extractors. Perhaps if my outpost range was larger, I could incorporate other nearby resource veins.

Can You Increase Outpost Range In Starfield No

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This isn’t to say that in Starfield’s future, Bethesda won’t implement this feature. If enough players complain about it, perhaps the developers will listen. You also may find a mod online that gives you the opportunity to increase your outpost radius. Nevertheless, for now, you’ll have to stick with the typical outpost size.

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