How to enable multiplayer co-op for Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 How To Enable Multiplayer Coop

Dead Island 2 is perfectly fine as a single-player experience. But we all know that the real fun is with friends. Unfortunately starting up a co-op session isn’t immediately available to you. So you’ll need to tough it out alone for a bit. But we’ll break it all down for you here in this guide. Here’s how you can enable a multiplayer co-op session in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2: How to start a multiplayer co-op session

First things first, if you want to unlock co-op on your character, you’ll need to play the game solo for around an hour. The first few sections of Dead Island 2 are pretty strict, and you’ll need to work your way through that first. Then, once you’ve reached the “Call the Cavalry” mission, you’ll be able to access co-op. You’ll also get a quick pop-up in the game telling you that co-op is now available at this point.

Once you’re there, starting a co-op session in Dead Island 2 is simple. For hosts, simply head back to the main menu and select “Continue Game.” Then, you’ve got four options on the “Game Type” selection. You can choose Single-Player, Public, Invite Only, or Friends Only. These are all self-explanatory, but if you simply want to host a quick co-op session with whoever is online, select Public. However, if you’re a little pickier about who joins, select either Invite Only, or Friends Only.

Dead Island 2 Co Op Menu

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To join a co-op session in Dead Island 2, it’s an even easier process. From the main menu, you’ll see a “Join Game” option beneath “Continue Game.” And from here you can use quick join to enter a public session. Alternatively, if any of your friends are online you’ll see them appear in the menu below.

How does online progression work?

Dead Island 2 lets you play with a maximum of two other players. If you’re playing in a co-op session, all your progress will be saved as you go along. And when you want to hop back into a single-player game, you’ll retain all the progress you made with other players. So every item, weapon, and upgrade you acquire will be available whenever you decide to go it alone. And you’ll be able to pick up your quests right where you left them in your session.

There are some restrictions in place, though. You won’t be able to join any players that are ahead of you in the main story. For example, if other players are on the same quest or earlier in the game than you, then you’ll all be able to play together. But if you’re too far ahead, you won’t be able to play with others until everyone else is caught up.

Dead Island 2 is available on April 21.

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