How to equip Old Mars Skin in Starfield

Starfield Spacesuit Workbench
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Starfield is a massive video game that even after upwards of 10 hours, I’m finding entirely new mechanics to talk about and engage with, such as weapon and ship customization. These are mechanics that you can find out about at any time during your time during the game, because you need to run into a specific workbench to be able to use these mechanics. This didn’t happen for me for a while in-game, and after doing so, the entire game changed. This also pertains to skins, such as the Old Mars Skin, which is a piece of downloadable content you can get for Starfield. You can only equip skins at certain points in the game, so here’s our guide on how to equip Old Mars Skin in Starfield.

How to equip the Old Mars Skin in Starfield

To equip skins in general in Starfield, you’re going to need to head to the corresponding workbench for whatever type of item you’re trying to equip a skin on. This means if you want to equip a spacesuit or boost pack skin, for example, you’re going to want to head to the spacesuit workbench for your spacesuit skin needs.

Starfield Old Mars Skin

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The Old Mars Skin pack that you get by doing things such as pre-ordering Starfield, comes with three different skins for you to use on your weapons and clothing. These items that you can use the Old Mars Skin pack on are the Laser Cutter, Deep Mining Helmet, and Deep Mining Pack. This means you’re going to need to head to two different workbenches for you to equip these skins.

For the Laser Cutter skin, you’re going to need to head to a Weapon Workbench, and select the Cutter option, then head to skins and install the Old Mars Skin. For your Deep Mining Helmet and Deep Mining Pack, you’re going to need to head to the Spacesuit Workbench. From here you’ll want to select either the Deep Mining Pack or the Deep Mining Space Helmet, and then select skins and choose the Old Mars Skin to equip. Equipping doesn’t cost any materials, so you should be able to do it free of charge.

Starfield is available for purchase on Steam.

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