How to equip a suppressor to any gun in Starfield

Starfield How To Equip Suppressor
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To make a successful stealth character build in Starfield, you need to equip suppressors to your weapons. Suppressors greatly reduce the noise of your shots while increasing the accuracy and decreasing the range.

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 How to install a suppressor weapon mod to a weapon in Starfield

The easiest way to get a suppressed weapon in Starfield is to find one on a dead body. I’ve found a handful of weapons with silencers on them just from looting bodies after a fight. The only downside is you’re stuck with that weapon instead of being about to put a suppressor on any weapon you want.

However, if you want to attach a suppressor to any weapon in Starfield there are three things you need. One, you need a weapon workbench. Two, you need to finish the Muzzle Mods 2 research. Three, you need the right materials to make the suppressor.

You can only equip a suppressor onto a Ballistic weapon. Laser weapons can get the stealth lasers mod which requires one Zero Wire, three Tantalum, two Titanum, and three Caesium.

Where to find a weapon workbench in Starfield

Starfield Where To Find Weapon Workbench

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The only way to equip a silencer onto your weapons is through a weapon workbench. Once you’ve found a weapon workbench, you’ll find the suppressor option in the muzzle mod slot section of any gun.

To easily find a weapon workbench, you can convert one of your living quarters on your ship into a weapons hub that features a weapon workbench. You can also create an outpost on a moon or planet and put a weapons workbench there.

If you don’t want to do either of those things, you can easily find a weapon workbench at any arms dealership in any major city. First, you need to find where each major city is located and where the weapons shop is, but once inside, you can freely use the weapons workbench.

How to complete Muzzle Mods 2 research in Starfield

Starfield Research Muzzle Mods

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To complete the Muzzle Mods 2 research that’s required to craft a suppressor in Starfield, you need to find and use a research lab. Just like the weapons workbench, research labs can be found by turning one of your living quarters into a science hub. You can also find research labs at any medical center in any major city.

To complete Muzzle Mods 2, you need to first complete Muzzle Mods 1. To complete Muzzle Mods 1, you need the Weapon Engineering skill at rank one, which is on the second tier of the Science skill tree, and five Titanium, 10 Tungsten, and five Sealant.

Once you’ve researched Muzzle Mods 1, you may need to rank up Weapon Engineering and you’ll likely need more of the same materials and maybe a few others too to complete the Muzzle Mods 2 research.

What materials do you need to create a suppressor in Starfield

To equip a suppressor to any weapon in Starfield, you need two Tungsten, three Tantalum, and two Polymer. To make a short suppressor, you need less Tungsten and Tantalum and two Sealant.

We have a guide to help you find Sealant, but for Tungsten, you can mine that resource on many planets and moons and Tantalum, while more rare, is also found via mining planets and moons. Be sure to scan a planet before you land to see if it has the minerals you need.

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