How to equip special weapons in Like a Dragon: Ishin

Like A Dragon Ishin Special Weapon Spirit Of Japan
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In Like a Dragon: Ishin, if you can find a katana or a gun, you can equip it. However, there are some special weapons such as halberds and axes. These you cannot equip unless you have first met additional requirements. Here is our guide on how to equip special weapons in Like a Dragon: Ishin.

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Like a Dragon: Ishin – Equipping special weapons

For the most part, you’ll clean up the streets of Kyo using one of the many katanas or guns you can purchase, craft, or find. They are more than capable of carrying you through the end of the campaign.

To equip special weapons in Like a Dragon: Ishin, you must first activate the corresponding skills. For instance, the Spirit of Japan is a powerful spear with an attack rating of 814. If you equip it while at low health, the Heat Gauge charges at a rate of 15 per second. That’s handy. However, you won’t be able to equip the weapon until you make some preparations.

Like A Dragon Ishin Special Weapon Unlock Ability Node

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To equip a spear such as the Spirit of Japan, you must first learn the Knowledge of the Spear ability. It unlocks from the Wild Dancer node. Once you place a Spirit Orb on the grid, you can use those weapons while fighting in the Brawler style. Just press ‘Down’ to access the style, if you haven’t already. Then you can press the ‘Down’ button as necessary to cycle between your fists and your equipped special weapon (in this case, a spear). Certain abilities your troops activate may cause you to put away the special weapon, but you can grab it again to resume the interrupted beatdown.

Besides Knowledge of the Spear, you can unlock Knowledge of the Odachi. It is accessed from the Swordsman grid. There also are Gunman abilities to provide proficiency with special ammunition rounds. Keep in mind that when you fight with special weapons, you don’t gain experience the way you do with standard katanas and guns.

Like a Dragon: Ishin can be purchased on Steam and the Xbox marketplace.

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