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How to farm XP on Schrodinger III in Starfield

Level up your XP growth.

As you roam the Starfield galaxy, you’ll find many planets. Some of them have hostile life, especially as you explore abandoned research outposts now swarming with pirates or mercenaries. You can face these challenges more confidently with the right gear, and with a character who has gained some levels. Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to acquire the XP necessary to build a powerful character. To that end, here is our guide telling you how to farm XP on Schrodinger III in Starfield.

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Tips on farming XP on Schrodinger III in Starfield

With so many planets available throughout the galaxy, it’s easy to overlook some of the ones that provide the best opportunities for quick growth. You might already have a favorite place in mind, or one that works best for your character at their current level. However, farming XP works especially well on Schrodinger III, provided your character has the right gear and skills.

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Starfield Schrodinger Location On Starmap
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To find Schrodinger III, look in the Schrodinger system. It’s located not far from Kryx as you view the Starmap. The screenshot above shows where to find it if you zoom your Starmap out as far as it can go. Within the Schrodinger system, Schrodinger III waits just above the frozen blue star at the system’s center. In the planet’s atmosphere, you can also find The Colander.

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When you land on Schrodinger III, start finding targets. The exact variety depends on the biome. The screenshot featured at the top of this guide comes from the Hills biome and shows the Swarming Foxbat critter that also is a source of Luxury Textile. With the right weapon, you can eliminate targets before they even have time to consider defending themselves. I like to use the Cutter, which is riskier but doesn’t waste ammo. My character is carrying around enough ammo by now to stock an armory, but that’s fine. Ammo weighs nothing in the game.

As you decrease life on Schrodinger III, you gain dozens or even hundreds of XP for each target eliminated. Their level determines the reward. Early on, the abundant life should make it easy to gain levels quickly. You’ll have to take a little longer the higher the numbers climb, but it’s still easy to farm a lot of XP, especially once you commit to doing your level best.

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