Starfield Strix I Farming Floating Nautilus Filterer Enemies For Xp
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PSA: The Strix System is the perfect place to farm XP in Starfield

A floating XP banquet.

Starfield lets players learn a bunch of skills to survive the hostile planets they’ll visit on their journey through the stars. As levels increase, though, gaining additional levels and skill points becomes a time-consuming affair without a focused plan. Hence, it’s time for a PSA: The Strix System is the perfect place to farm XP in Starfield.

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PSA: In Starfield, the Strix System is the perfect place to farm XP

Early on, you can gain enough XP to go up levels without giving the matter much thought. You get a lot of XP as a reward for finding and scanning points of interest while exploring planets, or by clearing out Spacers that have occupied old settlements, and by completing missions. You can wander any number of planets in Starfield, but the perfect place to farm XP as your levels increase beyond 30 or so is the Strix System.

Starfield Strix I Surface Scan Craters Biome

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Your journey to Strix

You will find the Strix system near the far right edge of the Starmap. It takes a lot of fuel to get there. I had the Star Eagle as my home ship and had already activated the Astrodynamic skill. That wasn’t enough to get me where I needed to go, even after an upgrade. To save time, I had to use the Razorleaf, which you can get if you clear the optional Mantis mission. Basically, you want something with good range and fuel.

Once you arrive in the Strix system, land on Strix I. Before touching down, make sure to scan the planet. You want to land in a Craters biome. The biome is available all over the planet, so just find one of them and land. Then make sure to sleep in the bed on your ship for one hour. Doing so will allow you to farm XP more efficiently in the following few minutes. If you have the Emotional Security status active, as I do, you will farm an additional 15% XP for 24 minutes.

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Starfield Flocking Nautilus Filterer Enemies Led To Skill Point Gain

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XP farming on overdrive

Exit your ship and look for the Flocking Nautilus Filterer enemies. They are peaceful, airborne enemies. You can shoot one and inflict damage to cause the whole herd to swarm you, but the good news is they don’t hit hard. I have spent most of my current Starfield playthrough using the Cutter laser to take out enemies major and minor. That weapon has a difficult time reaching some of the enemies in the air, but you can climb onto a rock to attack from a vantage point. Once they all swarm you, cut through them at your leisure. In this way, you don’t have to spend precious ammo to farm XP.

Make sure to inflict at least some damage on all targets before your companion eliminates them so you gain more XP. You should be able to easily farm XP at the rate of a few hundred XP per swarm. There will be several swarms to farm in a given biome. Once you clear out any convenient targets, return to your ship to rest up before settling in another area on the planet and farm XP all over again. If there is a more perfect place to farm XP than the Strix system, I haven’t found it. This concludes our PSA. Happy farming!

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