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Where to find The Colander in Starfield

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With so many planets, moons, and destinations available to explore in Starfield, you can be excused for overlooking a few of them. One possible destination you should take the time to explore is The Colander, but first you have to locate it. Here is our guide telling you where to find The Colander in Starfield.

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Starfield – where to find The Colander

The Colander is a derelict ship. Its crew has been eliminated and a powerful entity still occupies the vessel. When you decide to board, you should bring along items and gear that allow you to survive a tough fight. You can find the Colander in the Schrodinger system, not far from Cheyenne and Kryx.

Starfield The Colander In Schrodinger System Starmap

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To reach the Schrodinger system, travel to Narion from Sol. From Narion, you can then proceed to Lunara, then Nikola, then Leviathan, and finally Schrodinger. Each of these locations is readily available starting fairly early in the game, if you have a decent ship. You may already be able to fast-travel directly to Schrodinger.

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Once you arrive in the Schrodinger system, look for The Colander. It is in orbit near Schrodinger III, which is just above the system’s large blue star. You can select The Colander as your destination from the Starmap (see the above screenshot).

Starfield The Colandar Medical Bay Computer

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What to do once you find The Colander

Carefully Dock with The Colander and board the vessel. You’ll find the Colander is a bit of an Easter egg, bringing to mind the classic sci-fi film, Alien. The game does a good job of referencing other popular media you may have enjoyed.

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As you explore The Colander, check the Medical Bay computer for any logs that let you find information about the history of the ill-fated crew. There is a bed nearby that you can use to rest with your companion, if desired. When you are ready to proceed, find the dining area. Along one edge is a Hatch along the floor that leads to the lower cargo bay.

Starfield The Colander Hatch On Floor

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Pick a nearby lock and enter the Laboratory if your Security skill is at the Master level. If you pick the lock, you can skip directly to the battle with the Interloper. My own skill level wasn’t sufficient, which meant I had to access the room through other means.

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To enter the Laboratory a different way, follow a hallway left from its locked front door to reach another Hatch. It leads to a lower area where you will find a Mainframe computer. Access that computer and have it Open Doors. Head through the newly opened door and backtrack to the locked Laboratory door. From there, continue to the dining area. You can now pass through an opening along its far side and descend along a new corridor to face off against the XL-069 Interloper.

Battling the Interloper

Before you battle the Interloper, use an item such as Heart+ that improves your damage resistance. Be ready to use healing items such as Med Packs and Trauma Packs. The critter moves quickly. Don’t let it corner you against one of the room’s edges. Try to stay near the center and move in circles as you hit it with your most powerful projectile weapons. Hopefully, you have a companion who can assist you. The Interloper has a lot of life and is at a high level. I made short work of it with the Demoralizing Refined Equinox, which is a laser rifle.

Starfield The Colander Laboratory Loot

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After you defeat the Interloper, check the space it was guarding. Along one edge, you’ll find a container that contains the legendary Sensor-Chipped Advanced Navigator Space Helmet and some inconsequential resources and ammo. Then you’re good to leave.

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