How to find all Hidden Parts in Armored Core 6

How to get Zimmerman shotgun in Armored Core 6

Dotted around the rather linear but by no means boring levels of Armored Core 6 are many hidden extras for your mech. Depending on your build, a lot of these are almost essential to complete your perfect mech. You will find you are handsomely rewarded for returning and retrieving the parts. You will find the hidden parts in Armored Core 6 in chests, each hidden in seperate levels. Here’s how you can get your hands on them.

How to find all Hidden Parts in Armored Core 6

There is a ton to find, but with this guide, you can easily revisit all the spots you missed with the replay mission function in the Sortie menu. It is worth noting that you will not receive the hidden part unless you also complete the mission.

WRECKER Head, Core, Arms, and Legs

The first set of parts can be found inside the first mission of chapter 2 in Armored Core 6. The whole mission feels like it is hiding secrets, and it certainly does.

How to find all Hidden Parts in Armored Core 6Forge

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  • Head – As soon as you enter the low-ceilinged indoor area, head straight forward and look for a dropdown. Double back on yourself and go right to the far end of the room. You will find a chest on your right.
  • Core – Continue through the level until you reach a room with a huge furnace on the left. Behind the furnace is another room you can drop down into to collect the next hidden part in Armored Core 6.
  • Arms – Under the same furnace you got behind for the Core, you will find a pipe you can enter. Continue along this path until you reach a room with another hidden parts chest in it to recover the arms. Beware of the mech waiting for you in this room. I have no idea what it is doing in there. Maybe a smoke break?
  • Legs – Once you enter back into the open air, head up to the platform in front of you with the lift on it. From here, fly upwards and to the right until you reach a crane arm. Behind this, you will see some rails you must follow along to find the final piece of this mission.

IA-C01W1: NEBULA Plasma Rifle

You will find this hidden part in Chapter 3. The mission is called Tunnel Sabotage, and if you have already completed this one, you know you will want to get the part before you have to make your hasty retreat from the tunnel.

How to find all Hidden Parts in Armored Core 6

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Once you get to the highest crossbeam platform, instead of continuing down the tunnel, take a left down an alternate tunnel. High up on a ledge at the end of this, you will find the next Armored Core 6 hidden part.

IA-C01G: AORTA Generator

Survey the Uninhabited Floating City in Chapter 3 is the next location for a hidden part. It is hard to give directions in this foggy city, so instead, make your way to the second objective. From here, head southwest and look for a chest on the top of a building. It is relatively close and is one of the first buildings you would come to flying away from the objective.

How to find all Hidden Parts in Armored Core 6

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Open this hidden part up to receive the AORTA Generator for your Armored Core.

WB-0010: DOUBLE TROUBLE Chainsaw

Who doesn’t want an arm-mounted chainsaw? It worked for Gears of War, and it’ll work for your Mech too. To find this hidden part, make your way to the Eliminate Honest Brute mission in Chapter 3.

How To Find All Hidden Parts In Armored Core 6

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From the start, make your way towards the objective. However, as you head towards it, keep looking for lower and lower ledges. One of the lowest you can eventually reach will be covered in lasers. This dangerous landing point is where you will find your next hidden part in Armored Core 6.

BC-0600: 12345 Booster

While still in the same mission in Chapter 3 as the DOUBLE TROUBLE Chainsaw, head up from the laser platform and, with the objective marker to your left, keep moving forward. Look for about 250 on your compass. You will eventually get to a huge turning platform in the rails. To the right of this, facing 340 on your compass, you will see a tunnel with a crane arm at the far end. This is where you will find the next hidden part in Armored Core 6.

WB-0000: BAD COOK Flamethrower

As you continue through the Eliminate Honest Brute mission, you will eventually come across an enemy that deploys a huge pulse shield. This is just a distraction lying between you and your next hidden part. Head over the shield and to the right. You will slip into a small corridor. At the end of this lies the BAD COOK hidden part.

EPHEMERA Head, Core, Arms, and Legs


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  • Legs – Chapter 4, Mission Underground Exploration 1, holds the next hidden part in Armored Core 6. Right at the beginning of the mission, you will move down a vertical shaft. Right at the bottom, you will be able to boost up into a small opening in which you will find the legs’ hidden parts.
  • Arms – Continuing with the second Underground Exploration mission, you must wait until you have defeated G5 Iguazu. Continue on until a blue laser-wielding mech attacks you. You must jump off the bridge to the right of this mech and follow the cliff face down until you reach a tunnel in the wall. Here, you can use the lift to reach the next hidden parts chest
  • Core – Enter into the third Underground Exploration mission. Once you reach the reactor room in the game, make your way to the far side of the room. You will find the part at the far end of a bridge that connects the inner ring.
  • Head – This final part can be found in the Unknown Territory Survey mission. This one is actually along the main route in Armored Core 6. You simply need to head down the drop and continue down to find the hidden part.


In the third Underground Exploration map, you will find the next hidden part. When you arrive in the huge central reactor room, take a right. Behind a small wall, on the outer ring, you will find the first hidden part. You will have to fly over a small gap to get to it.

IA-C01B: GILLS Booster

In the second Underground Exploration mission, you need to make your way to the train bridge that spans the huge canyon. Jump off this and to the right towards the objective. Once you are on the second train bridge and heading into the tunnel, you will notice a room off to your right before you open the door. Here you will find this Armored Core part.

IA-CO1W3: AURORA Light Wave Cannon

In Reach the Coral Convergence in Chapter 4, head towards 330 on your compass as soon as you begin rather than toward the mission. You will spot the hidden parts chest atop a building right on the mission border.

IA-CO1W2: MOONLIGHT Light Wave Blade

Moonlight Blade

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This one is a well-loved weapon, only available at endgame for your second playthrough. Wait until the Reach the Coral Convergence mission Chapter 4 and head left over the highway over the start. You will eventually reach a broken bridge. Prepare for a wheel enemy fight before you reach the end of the bridge.

Once you’re at the end, drop down, and you will see the hidden parts chest on a small island in the swampy water. There will be more wheels to fight here with your armored core.


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