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How to find and use F Pack in Animal Well

The F does not stand for fun.

Animal Well on the surface may seem like a simplistic game, but when you play and progress, things get super complicated very fast. The Slink showcases that depth early on and only gets deeper. However, the F Pack in Animal Well may be a different story, and knowing how to find and use it is a good idea. 

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Animal Well: How to find and use the F Pack

The most important thing to note is that F. Pack is found later in the game. Specifically, in the final area of Animal Well. You’re halfway there if you can get past the Manticore boss, which might be taken down the same way as the Bat boss. The credits will roll after you beat the Manticore, however, that’s not the end of the game. During the credits, just wait around till a key drops. Once you’ve found the key, pick it up and head to the house on the right. Saving here is a good idea that can be done inside the house. 

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After that, look for a staircase leading upward on the right side of the house. Under the staircase on the right, there will be a small room, head to it, and a chest holding the F Pack should be there. 

How to use the F Pack

Unlike the Yoyo, for example, you don’t use the F Pack, instead, it gives you a bonus of carrying up to six firecrackers. I think the more firecrackers you have on you, the better. They’re beneficial to keep things at bay, and most importantly, help you deal with the bosses. 

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As mentioned, you only get it after the final boss, but since Animal Well is never-ending, you can go back and restart the game. This time, you’ll have tons of help and the F Pack. Who knows, your second run might be different than the first. 

There’s a bunch of secrets in Animal Well. However, the Skull Room takes the cake. 

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