Bones In Palworld
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How to find bones for cement in Palworld

The Bone Collector

In Palworld, it won’t be long before you need to get your hands on Bones. Cement will be one of the first things you need Bones for, although it isn’t the only thing it’s good for. You may want to stack up, as you’ll find that you will need lots in the long run.

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How to get Bones in Palworld

Bones, as you’d expect, isn’t exactly a natural resource that grows on trees. You’ll need to harvest them from certain Pals. For the most part, Rushoar is the best source of Bones in Palworld, although other Pals, like Vixy, drop them, too.

In Palworld, you’ll gain the resource drops from Pals whether you defeat them or capture them. For this reason, I would advise that you grab as many Pal Spheres as is practical to capture the Rushoar, as the first ten of the Pal species you collect will grant you bonus EXP. This will save you time later when you want to really level up your character.

Rushoar In Palworld
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With your Pal Spheres, get a Metal Spear or a Crossbow for your fight with the Rushoars. I would also bring some lower-level Pals that you want to level up as they’ll benefit more from the lower-level Pals that you’ll be fighting.

Each creature will only drop one bone, so you will need to go on quite the hunt to stock up.

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How to find Rushoars in Palworld

Rushoars in Palworld spawn in many locations and are all accessible near the spawn point, which is why they’re the best candidate for Bone farming. You’ll find them at the locations in the image below.

Rushoar Spawn In Palworld
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Note that Vixy, another Pal that drops bones, only spawns in that middle strip, so if you want to really up your Bones farming, I’d head there. Bring plenty of Pal Spheres and arrows to capture the Rushoars and Vixys in tandem.

Rushoars are aggressive, so they will go to fight you. This ends up working out in your favor, as it saves you from having to chase after them. They typically travel in pairs, too, so you won’t have to search as long. Just make sure you’ve got a shield and some half-decent armor, or the Rushoars may overwhelm you as they charge at you.

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