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Horror games are best when played in groups, and this is the case in Lethal Company, as the new looter thriller title has taken over the spooky game community. So, it’s best if we run down how to find groups so you aren’t lonely in Lethal Company.

Lethal Company: How to find groups

The more players you link up with, the better overall setting you can create, so you can communicate more efficiently and obtain the best loot possible on these abandoned moons. While you may not have three buddies to join in a lobby at a given time, Lethal Company offers a great system where players can link up with people online to tackle the game together.

This is going to occur once you select that you want to play Lethal Company online, and it should be on the left side of your screen and titled “server browser.”

Once here, you’re able to see all the servers players have open at that time. A nice aspect of the Lethal Company online ecosystem is that players can only open their servers before the game starts. This means you won’t randomly enter a server where they’re entering one of the A-ranked hazard zones right from the get-go.

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You’re also able to matchmake your own lobbies, and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding people to join. At the time of writing, Lethal Company is one of the fastest-rising games in popularity, so lobbies are packed.

Be warned, however, as when you venture into these games, you’re bound to come across terrifying monsters, and will certainly get spooked a few times, but the loot is, of course, worth it.

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