All ship upgrades in Lethal Company ranked

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While most of Lethal Company is spent within desolate moons, players will also have to make sure their ships are up for the challenge.

You’re going to need the proper ship upgrades if you want to survive, so let’s go over the wide variety of upgrades you can get in Lethal Company and figure out which ones are the best.

Lethal Company: All Ship Upgrades Ranked

Certain upgrades, like the Inverse Teleporter, will significantly increase the range of explorable land players will encounter, as it’ll teleport you to a random location on the map.

After our testing, we think the best ship upgrades you can get in Lethal Company are…

  • Loud Horn
  • Teleporter
  • Inverse Teleporter

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There are only three, but if you want the list narrowed down even further, we’d suggest first going for Loud Horn and then the Teleporter. The former is a fantastic way to keep track of your ship, rather than using the Radar Booster. Pull a string and a horn will blare indicating the ship’s position. If you’re out of charge on your walkie-talkie, the horn is still going to provide players with some much-needed direction.

The Teleporter is useful for bringing players back to the ship. The downside? Items the player is holding at the time will not make the trip back. The same goes for the Inverse Teleporter. Speaking of, the Inverse Teleporter is best when paired with the Teleporter since the Inverse Teleporter can’t bring you back. It only teleports a player to a random spot within the facility. Using the Inverse Teleporter without the regular Teleporter means a player is going to find their own way home.

All of these are going to have value to players in some capacity, so be sure to test them out to see which ones fit your playstyle and mesh well with your squad.

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