How to fix Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) daily challenges not tracking

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Modern Warfare 3 hasn’t been the smooth release that Activision and players alike were hoping for. It seems that along with recycling assets from previous games, the same daily challenge bug from Modern Warfare 2 also comes with the new game.

Why Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) daily challenges are not working?

Daily challenges not working is due to a bug in the full-release version of MW3 that has put a dent in the progression of numerous Call of Duty players. We know that there was no such bug in daily challenges during the MW3 beta which makes its presence in the official release even weirder.

Being basically locked out of such a core part of multiplayer progression is a major problem for developer Sledgehammer Games. Without daily challenges, you would have a pretty hard time unlocking gear, weapons, and other rewards since their completion is also tied to the Armory Unlock system. This doesn’t look too good for Activision either, and what’s even more frustrating is that the developer has yet to address this issue or post an update that fixes this bug.

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Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) daily challenges not tracking workaround

Currently, there are posts all over the internet of people trying to find workarounds to this bug. It’s possible that your daily challenges may not be tracking, but will get completed once you fulfill the objectives. If they’re not working at all, your best option is to restart the game and client ( or Steam) and try again later.

There could still be hope for players though, as the developers had reported and solved a similar bug earlier in MW3’s beta regarding the A.C.S field upgrade. You can see on the official MW3 Trello board that daily challenges specific to the A.C.S were not being tracked properly during the beta and the issue has since been resolved. The board also shows a list of current known and resolved issues so it’s a handy tool for staying updated on all MW3 issues.

Fortunately, there are ways for you to stay in the loop so you’ll be first to know once an update is rolled out for this bug. Simply follow the Call of Duty Updates account on Twitter/X where all patch notes, issues and bug fixes are reported. Currently, there has not been any information released regarding daily challenges not working but if there is in the future, it will be via this Twitter/X account.

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