How to fix Star Wars Jedi: Survivor not pre-loading

How To Fix Star Wars Jedi Survivor Not Preloading(

As of today, you can pre-download the sequel to one of the best Star Wars games, Star Wars: Jedi Survivor.  Note that you’ll be greeted by a whopping install size bigger than one hundred gigabytes, it would be a good idea to pre-load the game now. However, if you’re the unlucky few having issues in this area, this guide may help. Follow along to learn how to fix Star Wars: Jedi Survivor not pre-loading.

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor: How to fix pre-loading

If you’re having issues pre-downloading the game, the first thing is probably the most obvious: checking your storage space. Star Wars: Survivor is a big game with a massive install file, so make sure your hard drive has at least two hundred gigabytes.

You can also restart the pre-download install, which may clear up any issues causing the game to properly install. This step has a higher chance of fixing the issue as well. Additionally, restart the computer as a whole, so when you re-download it will be a fresh start.

There may be an issue with your disk speed, or if you’re using an older hard drive the game won’t install properly. Try installing it on a faster M.2 or even a solid-state drive, just make sure they have a large storage capacity.

The problem could potentially not be on your end. If you bought the game via Origin, the EA Launcher could be having issues. On the other hand, Steam may also have problems as well. If the steps above don’t fix the problem, try reinstalling the launcher and it should work after that.

Ultimately, games will have issues nowadays, down to the pre-loading. If you’ve exhausted all those solutions, then you may to have wait. There won’t be much you can do on your end, but pay attention to what’s being said on Repsawn’s social media.

The story continues

As Cal Kestis’s resumes his search to rebuild the Jedi order, you’ll be hit with a ton of new features. One is companions, which will help you in combat or puzzle-solving. The trailers made it seem like that feature is multiplayer, but it’s a companion system. This new way to play could make the game much more immersive.

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