How to fix the login issue for Monster Hunter Now

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Capcom has set a precedent for games like Monster Hunter, where it has gained a large following. Since the series is becoming even more available, the player base seems to growing with that expansion. Monster Hunter itself has made hunting larger-than-life creatures fun to the point where other developers are trying to make their mark on the genre. Games like EA’s Wild Hearts borrow a lot from Monster Hunter and bring its own to the scene. Check out our review for Wild Hearts here if you think the game is for you. Moving over to the mobile arena with Monster Hunter Now, you can take the fight with you on the go. However, like any game in the modern day, it’s already facing some problems. If you’re having a hard time getting into Monster Hunter Now, this guide could fix the login issue. 

Monster Hunter Now: How to fix the login issue

Since Monster Hunter Now is a mobile game and needs to be connected online most of the time, issues will pop up from time to time. Logging in seems to be plaguing the early players. There have been reports that when you launch Monster Hunter Now, it gets stuck on the main landing page. However, some players seem to have found a few solutions to fix this issue. Let’s go over them to get you back into hunting monsters.

  • Sign out of Google and restart your phone. When the phone is booted back up, re-sign, and then open up the Monster Hunter Now, it should work after doing this. If you’re using an Andriod phonere-sign back into the Google Play Store when the phone is restarted.
  • Turn off any VPN that’s on, it could be interfering with the game’s server. 
  • Since Monster Hunter Now is a Niantic game and if you have Pokemon Go, maybe uninstalling Pokemon Go could fix the issue. It may be interfering with the launch of the Monster Hunter Now.
  • Check if there are any updates. If there isn’t, you may have to wait for another update to come out to get the game working again.

If the game is still not working for you, the best thing is to wait for a hard fix from the developers. In the meantime, you can play other Monster Hunter games Like Monster Hunter Rise, check out our review for it here. 

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