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How to get 100% guaranteed boss Echo drops in Wuthering Waves

Farm bosses over and over with this exploit.

Farming boss Echoes in Wuthering Waves can be a pain with their long respawn times and low drop rates, but some players have found an exploit that guarantees that your favorite boss will drop an Echo every time you defeat them.

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This exploit will probably get patched sometime in the future, so jump on it while you can. It’s also not the most efficient way of farming Echoes, but if you really need a specific Echo like Tempest Mephis for your build, then it’s the best way of getting it.

How to get guaranteed boss Echoes in Wuthering Waves

To get guaranteed boss Echo drops in Wuthering Waves, kill the boss that you’re targeting until they drop an Echo. You get a few boosted drop rates with each weekly reset in Wuthering Waves, so you really won’t need to do this exploit until you run out of those.

After killing the boss and collecting their Echo, go kill another boss from the same class with the same Cost. For example, all bosses that drop ascension materials like the Mech Abomination and Lampylumen Myriad all have the same Cost since they’re in the Calamity class. This boss won’t drop an Echo when you defeat it, but that’s the plan.

After you defeat the second boss, go back to the first boss that you’re targeting and defeat them again. They’ll drop an Echo guaranteed this time. To get more guaranteed Echo drops, just repeat this process over and over again by killing another boss from the same Echo class and then coming back to your main target.

It’s not the most time-efficient manner of Echo farming, but it will guarantee that you get the same Echo over and over again so you can keep farming for the ideal main stats and substats for your favorite Resonator.

While you can farm the same Echo repeatedly with this strategy, you’ll still need to stock up on upgrade materials like Sealed Tubes if you want to get the most out of your newly obtained Echoes.

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