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How to get a feather in Pale Heart Destiny 2: Location, explained

Make your Guardian stronger by completing this season quest

After you complete the campaign of The Final Shape, the heart of the Traveller really starts to open up to you. Activities such as Stitching events can be completed for rewards, and you can even find a few secrets along the way. Let’s uncover one of these secrets and find out how to get a feather in the Pale Heart in Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2 — Where to find a feather in Pale Heart

Beating the campaign shouldn’t take you too much time, as I was able to finish the legendary campaign in about 12 hours. Once you are done and can start to raise your light level to the power cap, you’ll start to look at every avenue possible. And one of the seasonal challenges that earns you a decent amount of XP, is the Birds of a Feather challenge.

This challenge requires you to gather a feather in the Pale Heart. With not much info to go on, finding a singular feather in a place this massive can seem daunting. Thankfully, I was able to stumble upon this feather by sheer coincidence, as I was trying to complete a Stitching event.

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In The Landing of the Pale Heart, there’s a regional chest around the middle of the area. Head towards the chest, and you’ll find a small pathway leading down into a chasm. Look down and before you stumble across the chest, you should see a feather on the second platform going down.

But this is not the only one in the entire map, as various feathers are found throughout the Traveller. I just got lucky that this was the first one I found. And since you only need one feather to complete the challenge, this one should do.

Collect it and you’ll get yourself some nice XP, as well as a shiny little feather. Make sure to grab that Regional Chest slightly below the feather as well, as you can use the Encryption Bit inside to get a gun as old as the first Destiny game.

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