How to get Accelerating Aspect in Diablo 4

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Aspects in Diablo 4 are quite important, some work with all classes, while others work with specific ones. For the Accelerating Aspect, it works for all. You can put his Aspect on slow classes like the Druid or the Barbarian. Or you can enhance the speed of the quicker classes such as the Sorcerer or the Rogue. Before applying this Aspect, you must find it or have it dropped. Thankfully, this guide will show you how to get Accelerating Aspect in Diablo 4 in no time. 

Diablo 4: How to get the Accelerating Aspect

Finding Aspects in Diablo 4 can be done in a few ways like doing dungeons. For this one, it seems like you’ll have to find it by extracting Legendary Gear. This may turn you off, but I’ve found if you play on higher World Tiers, or try out the harder objectives, Legendaries may drop more often. Additionally, you can reset the dungeons and farm for Legendaries, so this may be the best way overall. 

However, you can also try going to the Purveyor of Curiosities located in most of the major cities. But note this may take some time to do since you need a certain amount of Murmuring Obols for each purchase. You could land on Legendary Gear on your first attempt, but you also might not. So I recommend the method above before going this route. 

Some players have stated they’ve found Legendaries with the Accelerating Aspect by slaying Treasure Goblins. Surprisingly, I found them more common after the Season 1 patch.  Just go out in the world, and you’ll run into one hopping around near some enemies.

The benefits of the Accelerating Aspect 

To understand what this Aspect does, the name gives a clue. Meaning once equipped, your speed goes up anywhere between 15 and 25 percent for 5 seconds whenever a critical strike hits the target. The best part, is that you just need that strike to come from your core skills, the ones you’ll be using the most. This comes crucial when waves of enemies are against you. 

If you play as the Rogue, which has a glass cannon play style, you can play with more aggression. Because you’ll be able to zip in and out of battle easily. As mentioned, this Aspect works with all classes, but I recommend using it on the ones that can’t take a lot of damage. 

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