How to get Bronze quality vegetables and fruit in Coral Island

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What’s better than normal crops? Higher quality crops, of course! At some point in Coral Island, you’re going to have to learn how to get bronze-quality vegetables and fruit.

Not only do they sell for more, but there’s a quest at the beginning of the game that asks you to acquire a plethora of Bronze quality crops. Here’s how to get them.

Coral Island: How to get Bronze quality crops

Although there’s a random chance to earn Bronze crops when harvesting, it’s not very common. To complete this “Local Produce” quest, there’s a much easier way to accomplish this. You can get bronze-quality vegetables and fruit in Coral Island by upgrading your produce quality at the Lab or using Fertilizer.

How to upgrade your produce in Coral Island

How To Get Bronze Quality Vegetables And Fruit In Coral Island Lab
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Head to Ling’s Lab in Starlet Town and interact with the computer inside. You can then select the option “Upgrade Produce Quality,” which will pop up a screen showing you how to do so. The first seed upgrade to level one is for Bronze seeds, and you’ll need five Bronze kelp essence to do so. This seed upgrade only increases your chances of yielding higher-quality crops, it doesn’t certify it.

It’ll also cost 2,000 coins and two days to upgrade. You can get Bronze kelp essence using an Extractor. Process Bronze kelp in any Extractor, and you’ll earn some Bronze kelp essence. You’ll find Bronze kelp while diving.

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How to get Fertilizer in Coral Island

How To Get Bronze Quality Vegetables And Fruit In Coral Island Fertilizer
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Another easy way of earning bronze-quality crops is by planting Fertilizer. When using Fertilizer while planting crops, there’s a better chance to grow quality crops. You can purchase this item at the General Store, or craft it yourself using two Compost and one Sap.

I’d recommend doing Fertilizer while waiting to upgrade your seeds at the laboratory, which may take a while since you’ll need to go diving quite a bit to get enough Bronze kelp. Now with your high-quality crops, you may be able to bring a decent ingredient for the hotpot at the Cherry Blossom Festival!

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