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How to get past the blue shields in Hall of Champions in Destiny 2

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Those energy shields surely are a bit annoying. Or maybe I’m extremely impatient, which is the most probable thing. Here is how to get past the blue shields in Hall of Champions in Destiny 2: Into the Light.

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Destiny 2: How to get past the blue shields in Hall of Champions

Before we begin trying to glitch our way through the blue shields located in the new social space called Hall of Champions, you have to know their purpose. Out of the seven blue shields that are currently active in the Hall of Champions, six of them are blocking the way to Shaxx Holograms and one of them is making sure a powerful symbiote doesn’t go around the universe saying things like “We are Venom” or similar. Let’s take a look at each of these blue shields

How to go past the Shaxx Hologram blue shields

Getting past these blue shields, while tempting, is impossible. You see, these won’t open up even if you are the most powerful being in the galaxy. This is because these blue shields, as said before, guard the entrance to additional Shaxx Holograms. If you walk across the Hall of Champions you will see four different ones right at the entrance and two open doors. These correlate to the Brave weapons that are currently available in Into the Light. And why would I make the connection? Well, because, once you complete their corresponding quest, you can head to the corresponding Shaxx Hologram, interact with it, and attune said weapon, increasing its drop chances.

Once new weapons are added weekly, you will be able to go past these blue shields – because they will be deactivated – and attune the Brave weapon of your choice. Also, if you are wondering where to get the Grimoire card about Empress Caiatl for its Brave Triumph, then don’t worry, these are found behind these blue shields as well, so it’s a waiting game again.

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How to open the Symbiote blue shield

Now, opening the Symbiote blue shield is a bit trickier than the shields above, but it also involves playing the waiting game. You see, the Symbiote holds the Superblack Shader, an iconic look that, to be honest, all of us want to collect. How do you collect this Shader and, therefore, open the blue shield? You will need to collect Superblack Keys Alpha and Omega.

  • Superblack Key Alpha: Reach Rank 17 with Lord Shaxx in the Hall of Champions.
  • Superblack Key Omega: Complete all weapon quests given by Arcite 99-40 in the Hall of Champions.
Destiny 2 Blue Sheild Symbiote
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So, what did we learn today? Well, that patience is a virtue, certainly. All blue shields will deactivate with the passing of the weeks and, in the case of the symbiote, only if you get both Superblack Keys – with the Omega one being tied to new weekly weapons dropping. Be sure to complete all quests and Rank up your reputation with Lord Shaxx on time so you don’t have to farm incessantly before The Final Shape and its new enemy faction drop.

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