How to get Pickaxes in Monopoly GO

Egyptian Treasures Event In Monopoly Go
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Monopoly GO is currently exciting all players with the new Egyptian Treasures event that allows players to earn rewards in a new and unique way.

To interact with the event, however, you need pickaxes to dig away at the tiles.

Getting pickaxes in Monopoly GO

Unlike other point tokens in Monopoly GO, pickaxes aren’t earned through landing on tiles or through pick-ups. Instead, you can only get pickaxes through taking part in other events, similar to how you get points for the Partner Events.

Competing in Milestone tournaments, Quick Wins, and timely free gifts will grant you extra pickaxes, too. Pickaxes can also be earned by completing levels in the event, which can kick-start your next level.

Unlike dice and cash, you actually can’t buy pickaxes from the store, for anyone who doesn’t mind spending real cash on the game. This means that you’ll really have to earn your way through this event.

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The best way to get Pickaxes in Monopoly GO

I’ve found that the best way to get pickaxes in Monopoly GO is by making sure to complete the Quick Wins. You don’t have to immediately complete them upon being available, but making sure to complete all three before they refresh is very important. Each Quick Win completion so far has netted me 4 pickaxes each, which has allowed me to really progress in the event.

Quick Wins refresh every day, so the pickaxes you can earn from them diminish each passing day as the event draws to a close, so hurry up! They are very simple tasks that mostly consist of you rolling around the board like normal. To maximize your chances, and if you have low dice, only use the 1x multiplier when trying to hit your Quick Wins.

Egyptian Treasures In Monopoly Go
Image via Scopely

Making sure to grab the free gifts has also helped, too. The pickaxes from the milestone events are welcome, but not something you can exactly work towards, as progressing through them is entirely dependent on luck.

The ultimate way to have pickaxes in Monopoly GO, however, is to save them! Making sure to play smart and not waste your pickaxes is the key to getting far. Some levels are mean, and it becomes a guessing game to find those 1×1 treasures. All the others, however, do allow skill to come into play.

I hope that this has proved useful, fellow mogul, and that you’ll have more pickaxes than you know what to do with.

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