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How to get Red Death Reformed Exotic Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2

The return of Red Death.

While it has “Death” in its name, Red Death Reformed is a rifle in Destiny 2 that imbues life. Here is how to get the Red Death Reformed Exotic Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2: How to get the Red Death Reformed Exotic Pulse Rifle

The Red Death Reformed Exotic Pulse Rifle is The Final Shape’s Act 1 Exotic available for all Guardians to collect. To get it, all you need to do is to access the Season Pass tab and then claim it.

However, there is a bit more complexity to claiming it, and you probably know why. You see, there are two different tiers of Season Pass ranks and rewards, and if you have purchased the Season Pass for The Final Shape, you will be able to collect the Red Death Reformed as soon as you boot up the game — if the servers allow you to — since it is a Rank 1 reward.

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However, if you don’t own a Season Pass, then you will have to work a bit more to get the weapon. IRed Death Reformed is still obtainable for free, don’t get me wrong, but you will have to reach Rank 30.

This is done by collecting huge amounts of XP by playing the game and its different modes, but one of the best ways to get more ranks fast is by completing Seasonal Challenges. There are different tiers of XP rewards for completing them, so make sure to target the ones that have the “XP+++” tag on them.

Destiny 2 Red Death Reformed
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If you already have the Read Death Reformed in your hands, be sure to exploit its Exotic trait, Redemption. Not only will final blows be able to increase their reload speed, but they will also cure you, and, after a post-final blow reload, all allies will also be cured.

It sounds like a great weapon for the harder challenges you will find across The Final Shape, making it stand out above the other new weapons in the game.

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