Destiny 2: You can now buy all Season Pass levels at the start of the season

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Season Passes in Destiny 2 have been a thing for almost as long as the game has been out. They allow you to strive to achieve more awards and try harder in each event to get that all-important loot at the end. There has always been a huge swathe of challenges and hoops to jump through to push forward with the progression. The Season Pass in Destiny 2 has rewards for players who have bought into the extra tier and rewards for those that don’t. I have always enjoyed the little, and sometimes big, bonuses that come along with the season progression, which is why the choice to allow players to buy all Season Pass levels in Destiny 2 is a little controversial.

You can now buy Season Pass levels in Destiny 2

Destiny 2: You can now buy all Season Pass levels at the start of the season

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Before Season of The Deep, it was only possible to progress through the Season Pass with the blood, sweat, and tears of gameplay. However, now, with the use of silver, the in-game currency, it is possible to buy your way through the Season Pass Levels in Destiny 2. It takes away from the whole point of the tier system and the grind that goes along with it.

Being able to simply buy your way up through the tiers takes away somewhat from the achievement of success. Previously, someone wearing gear or wielding a weapon only achievable by season completion was able to flex on the community. With the introduction of buyable levels, it is now just a show of wealth. However, I’m sure a lot of players that take pride in their achievement and dedication will be slightly put off by this.

The Season Pass levels in Destiny 2 costs 100 silver, or the equivalent of a dollar to buy. This means you could easily buy your way to completion with a spare $100. This is a lot of money to some, but for others, it may be worth the time.

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