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How to get Speaker’s Sight Warlock Exotic in Destiny 2 and best builds

Support your allies with healing.

The Final Shape expansion introduces a bunch of new Exotics for each class in Destiny 2, and Speaker’s Sight is one of the most popular new Warlock armor pieces. It’s a support-oriented Exotic that’ll be highly sought after in LFG groups for high-end content.

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Speaker’s Sight is a Warlock helmet with a perk called The Lost Voice, which makes Healing Grenades spawn a restorative turret. With Speaker’s Sight equipped, all healing has a chance to spawn an Orb of Power as well. Warlocks are already desired for their healing abilities, and Speaker’s Sight just makes them even better at it.

How to Get Speaker’s Sight in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

To get Speaker’s Sight in Destiny 2, you’ll have to interact with the new Exotic Engram system introduced in The Final Shape. Instead of obtaining new Exotics from Lost Sectors, all new Exotic armor is now obtained from Master Rahool in the Tower.

Destiny 2 Rahool Reputation
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Rahool has provided focused decoding services for some time now, but only for older Exotic gear. Now, Bungie has given him Tier 3 Exotic focusing that lets you turn any Exotic Engram into any piece of Exotic armor in the game, including newly released pieces. You need to increase your reputation with Master Rahool and reach rank 16 to unlock this new system, though.

The best way to level up Rahool’s reputation is by decoding Engrams. He is a Cryptarch, after all. Tier 2 Exotic focusing will give the biggest reputation increase, followed by advanced decryption, opening an Exotic Engram, and opening a Prime Engram.

Once you’ve unlocked Tier 3 Exotic focusing, you’ll be able to exchange one Exotic Engram and one Exotic Cipher for any Exotic armor piece in the game, including Speaker’s Sight. The stat rolls will be random as always, so you’ll need a bunch of Engrams and Ciphers to get that god roll for your build.

Best Speaker’s Sight Warlock Build in Destiny 2

Speaking of builds, there are a wide number of Speaker’s Sight builds that are perfect for any aspiring Warlock. It’s a support Exotic, so it pairs best with a support-oriented playstyle. If you want to keep your fireteam alive, this is the Exotic for you.

Obviously, you need to use Healing Grenades with Speaker’s Sight in order to get any use out of it, so this Exotic is mostly for Solar Warlocks who will probably also be running Well of Radiance (even post-nerf).

The new Prismatic subclass also allows Warlocks to run Healing Grenades, so you could also do a Prismatic build with Speaker’s Sight. If you’re going the Solar route, make sure to equip the Touch of Flame Aspect to buff your Healing Grenades. Phoenix Dive is also recommended for both Solar and Prismatic Warlocks.

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If you’re running Speaker’s Sight, you’re going to want a weapon with the Heal Clip perk so you can heal allies and generate more Orbs. This Exotic armor piece also pairs beautifully with the Red Death Reformed Exotic Pulse Rifle, which causes final blows to cure you and makes reloads heal nearby allies. This healing works with Speaker’s Sight, so you’ll generate a ton of Orbs this way.

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