How to get stimulants and chems in Starfield

How To Get Stimulants And Chems In Starfield
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There are dozens of different types of consumable items in Starfield that aid you in various ways. Some heal you, while others give you unique and temporary abilities. If you get your hands on these stimulants and chems, you can run faster, or perhaps have an offense or defense increase. No matter the boost, they can be fun to play around with, but hard to come by. Here’s how you can get stimulants and chems in Starfield.

Starfield: Where to find stimulants and chems

Stimulants and chems, both interchangeable in their names, can give you some cool temporary buffs, but be careful about the risks involved. There’s a chance you can get the Stimulant Addiction status effect, but we have a guide on how to get rid of that. How you can get stimulants and chems in Starfield is either through crafting them, or purchasing them from various vendors.

How To Get Stimulants And Chems In Starfield Research

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At the beginning of your Starfield journey, you won’t have the skills to craft chems yet. You need to research Performance Enhancement 1 at a Research Laboratory, and the continuing levels above it. You’ll slowly learn how to create chems like Amps, which increase your movement and jump speed. Then, once you research these topics, you can craft chems at Pharmaceutical Labs. You can find a Research Laboratory and Pharmaceutical Lab in the Lodge basement in New Atlantis.

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Otherwise, besides finding them while looting bodies, you can buy chems from many different vendors. While you can get legal chems like Squall and Paramour, Aurora is only legal in Neon; it’s considered contraband anywhere else so be careful. Here are some that offer these types of performance enhancers, just to name a few:

  • UC Distribution Center: New Atlantis
  • Aurora Lounge: Neon (Aurora only)
  • Trade Authority
  • Newill’s Goods: Neon

Starfield is available on Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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