How to get Tempest Roar helm in Diablo 4

How To Get Tempest Roar Helm In Diablo 4
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If you’ve read my other guides on the Druid, you can see how much I’ve fallen in love with the animal whisperer. This boils down to how much fun they can be, and how experimental you can get with creating builds. When making a build, a bunch of different factors come into play. Such as, what aspects would work? Or, what weapons and skills utilize the strength of the class? No matter how you create your Druid, you’ll be spending tons of time planning a build. To make that process easier, consider using the Tempest Roar helm; it may do justice for you. If you’d like to know how to get the Tempest Roar helm in Diablo 4, this guide could help you.

Diablo 4: How to get the Tempest Roar helm

Much like the Insatiable Fury chest piece, the helm can only be found in World Tier 3 or 4. So make sure you’re on either one.

It seems like the more valuable pieces of gear in World Tier 3 and 4 can only be found in the open world. This means you can find them by downing enemies, opening up chests, or doing many in-game activities. The same can be said about the Tempest Roar, so you may have to spend a while looking for it.

For Season 1 of Diablo 4, it seems Blizzard Entertainment has made the search for the helm somewhat easier. While on World Tier 4, search for Cannibles and Cultists in Nightmare Dungeons. These enemies have a high chance of dropping Unique gear at a high rate. The best place to start your search for them is the Steadfast Barracks dungeon in Hawazar, mainly because both enemies appear in large numbers in this spot.

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However, while the Tempest Roar is one of the rarer helms in Diablo 4, it’s not impossible to get it in one run. These super uncommon items have more of a chance to be found in dungeons and strongholds. If you fail to find it during one run-through, you can always reset the dungeon to farm for it. This way, you can increase the chance to find the Tempest Roar.

What build does the helm work with?

Many Redditors have claimed this helm works with the Storm Druide build, one that I am creating. This is due to the helm having a Luck Hit stat: Your storm skills have between a 15 and 25 percent chance to grant you more Spirit. So, if you’re planning on casting a lot of spells, and using your storm-based skills, this helm may become important for you

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