How to get the Geoff Keighley skin in Fortnite

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Screenshot: Geoff Keighley's X

Fortnite has set a precedent for having skins across different IPs such as Alan Wake 2. Skins in the battle royale don’t change gameplay, they just make you stand out, which is more important. Since the Video Game Awards are right around the corner, and the show’s host and producer, Geoff Keighley, is a downloadable skin.

Let me show you how to get the Geoff Keighley skin in Fortnite. 

Fortnite: How to get the Geoff Keighley Skin

At the time of writing this, the skin itself hasn’t been confirmed to be in the game yet. However, since the VGA’s are tying into Fortnite for the first time by allowing Fortnite players to vote for the winners in the game, one can assume the skin may be available soon. 

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Screenshot: Geoff Keighley’s X

During the mini teaser that Keighley released earlier has his skin walking on a golden platform. So, while his skin isn’t available yet, it makes perfect sense that his skin is on the way soon. When it does, we’ll update this piece with the relevant information. 

For now, you can still participate in the event by voting and getting XP boosts. 

Integrating the VGAs with Fortnite

This move allows viewers to participate in a way they never have before. Rather than watching it on Twitch or YouTube, now you can be immersed in the show by watching it via Fortnite. The game is no stranger to these types of events, as Fortnite has hosted several concerts in the past from big stars like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande.

On top of that, game makers wouldn’t have to show up to awards in person, they can simply enter Fortnite. This partnership demonstrates that Fortnite can be more than just a game. Creating unique experiences such as concerts and being able to watch events like the VGAs gives way to a whole new cache of ideas. In turn, this helps Fortnite remain the juggernaut that it is. 

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