How To Grow Fools Emerald In Botany Manor
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How to grow Fool’s Emerald in Botany Manor

Don't feel like a fool.

Fool’s Emerald is one of the final flowers you must grow in Botany Manor and is one of the more tougher puzzles to crack. I’ll uncover how to grow Fool’s Emerald in Botany Manor so you can complete your flora collection.

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Botany Manor: How to grow Fool’s Emerald

Upon entering Chapter 5 after growing flowers like Brook Chalice, Fool’s Emerald is one of three flowers you must bloom in the Formal Garden. This one had me stuck for a bit since I didn’t realize where exactly I was supposed to make it bloom. You can grow Fool’s Emerald in Botany Manor by typing the Morse Code “KA” in the dark cave under the manor.

Before we get into exactly how to grow this flower, let’s uncover all the clues you need to match to Fool’s Emerald and where you can find them:

  • News Article: Gardening Workspace (on the picnic blanket)
  • Note About Telegraph: Gardening Workspace
  • Military Codes: Gardening Workspace
  • Bioluminescence: Side Terrace
  • Morse Code: Telegraph (at the Boat House)
  • Plant Chemicals: Side Terrace
  • How To Grow Fools Emerald In Botany Manor Newspaper
  • How To Grow Fools Emerald In Botany Manor Seeds

First off, the News Article mentions that a passerby noticed a light flashing in the dark from a distance that resembled the Morse Code abbreviation for “Attention.” Keep that in mind, and check out the rest of the clues around the Gardening Workspace and Side Terrace (up the stairs and to the right of the Gardening Workspace).

  • How To Grow Fools Emerald In Botany Manor Boat House Key
  • Handle

Here you’ll learn that Fool’s Emerald contains Luciferin which generates a bioluminescence. You’ll also find the Fool’s Emerald seeds sitting beside the Bioluminescence book. Now head over to the Bird Garden and walk to the very bottom garden to find the Boat House key sitting in a basket.

With that key, leave the Bird Garden and walk to the trail that travels downwards. You’ll eventually find the locked door to the Boat House, and just nearby a strange handle on the ground. Remember where that handle is and head into the Boat House.

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Before you even make it inside the Boat House all you have to do is walk around the right corner and you’ll see the Telegraph sitting on a box. Take the Telegraph back to the Gardening Workspace and place it down somewhere (you can open it and look at the Morse Code sheet to add to your clues).

How to use the handle in Botany Manor

How To Grow Fools Emerald In Botany Manor Handle Place
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Before you press on, head back to where you spotted that handle on the ground near the Boat House entrance and take it back to the main area. You can’t just attempt to grow Fool’s Emerald in the light, it must grow in a dark area. So place the handle in the stone structure that looks like a bird bath by the base of the stairs.

This is where the handle goes, and now water will start to pour into the pool beneath you. Once it fills up you can walk across the lily pads with the Telegraph and place it on the table. Now all you have to do is head back outside and to the nearest plant station to plant and water Fool’s Emerald into a seedling. Take that pot back into the dark room and place it in the pot slot.

Morse Code
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You can now open the Telegraph and look at the Morse Code sheet. The Miltary Codes book you found said that the abbreviation for “Attention” is “KA,” so tap out the Morse Code like so: Dash dot dash dot dash. After you tap that, Fool’s Emerald will begin to bloom! Now all you have to do is grow Oscilette and Springdance Shrub to complete Chapter 5. If you need to know how to grow Fulgaria, we’ve got you covered.

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