How To Grow Fulgaria In Botany Manor
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How to grow Fulgaria in Botany Manor

A flashy flower.

Fulgaria is the second flower you must grow in Botany Manor, but figuring out how to grow it properly can take some time. You must read the clues carefully and collect the right ones to grow Fulgaria during Chapter 2.

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Botany Manor: How to grow Fulgaria

Once you make it to Chapter 2 of Botany Manor, you’ll be introduced to two flowers: Fulgaria and Ash Plume. Start with Fulgaria first by walking into the front entrance of the manor and turning right. You’ll reach a staircase, but before that, you can pick up the Fulgaria seeds on a chair.

How To Grow Fulgaria In Botany Manor Seeds
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Then head through the door to your left to start picking up the clues for Fulgaria. Before we start analyzing the clues, let’s find them first in these locations:

  • Photographs: Grand Staircase (next to where the Fulgaria seeds were)
  • Folklore Book: Dining Room
  • Flash Powder Bottle: Drawing Room
  • Letter from Farmer: Drawing Room
  • Flash Lamp Manual: Drawing Room

After reading the Folklore Book in the Dining Room you’ll realize that this flower only blooms during thunderstorms, meaning it needs a flash of light to bloom. You’ll also notice in the Drawing Room an Empty Flash Powder bottle sitting on a desk. Make sure to pick up the Back Terrace key in this room as well for the next flower.

  • How To Grow Fulgaria In Botany Manor Flash Powder
  • Flask Station

On the back of the bottle it says it contains a 2:1 ratio of Potassium and Magnesium, so walk out of that room into the small room you passed with the flask and chemicals to create some Flash Powder. At first, I didn’t read the ratio so I thought it was just one Potassium and one Magnesium, but it’s not.

How To Grow Fulgaria In Botany Manor Pour Flask
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Select the Potassium bottle twice, then the Magnesium once. Then, bring the flask over to the camera set up in the Drawing Room. It’ll allow you to pour the liquid into the flash stand next to the camera. Then make sure to close the contraption after pouring in the liquid, and now you can press the red button. If you don’t close the flash stand it won’t work, so keep that in mind.

With that, you should notice the camera take a photo and flash a bright light, causing the Fulgaria to bloom. Now you can move on to the Ash Plume, and eventually, you’ll need to grow Wolfglove.

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