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How to jump while using the Air Wheel in Fortnite

You need to jump before you can walk.

Looks like Avatar has made its way to Fortnite. The elements add another layer to the combat that can be hard to counter. The Air Element can help you get around in the form of the Air Wheel. However, you can do some cool things with it like jumping long distances. Keep reading to learn how to use the Air Wheel and jump in Fortnite.

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Fortnite: How to jump while using the Air Wheel

Using the Air Wheel has a learning curve to it, but once you understand the movements and their timing. Getting around and doing things like the Chakras Quests can become easier. However, obtaining the powers might be a little out there. 

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Locating the Air Element can be a task since there are a few spots for the shrine to appear. I found one in North Grand Glacier, but there are others if you’re not near the area I mentioned. Once you go up to the shrine, just interact with it, and you’ll get the new Air Element. 

How to jump

First, you have to select the Air Element as if it’s a weapon. Once you do, there should be commands on the left of the screen. Click left on your screen to activate the Air Wheel. While that’s going, right-click to jump. So make sure both your fingers are pressing both mouse buttons to achieve this feat. The one thing that wasn’t told to me is that there’s a cool down every time you jump. This move can help you escape from a sticky situation — if it’s available. 

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So make sure you’re timing this move and only using it when you need to. Traversing can be done correctly while jumping. But I strongly suggest you time your jumps. Otherwise, you’ll be a sitting duck. 

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