Lies Of P Level Quickly Guide

How to Level Up Quickly in Lies of P

Let's start looking for exploits.

Levelling up is a key part of Lies of P just like any other soulslike. Spending Ergo on increasing your Vitality or upping your damage with Motivity is an important part of the game. But the levelling curve can feel a little slow at times and it might seem like you aren’t gaining levels as fast as you could. Well here are some ways you can level up a little more quickly in Lies of P.

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Lies of P: How to level up quickly

Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward exploit for farming Ergo quickly in Lies of P. Well, not in a way that’s been discovered for now at least. You never know there could be a dupe glitch hiding somewhere in the game. But for the moment, we have to stick to the usual methods of gaining Ergo quickly. The first and most obvious way is also the answer you probably don’t want to hear. You’ll need to start killing every enemy and mini-boss you encounter. This racks up the Ergo faster than you’d think and you get in some good practice too.

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Other methods for leveling up quickly in Lies of P come in the form of items. You can find plenty of Ergo drops throughout the world that’ll give you some Ergo upon use. Just look out for glowing blue objects on the ground and pick them up whenever you see them. You can also sell some items to Polendina at Hotel Krat. Frankly, you won’t get much Ergo from doing this, but it’s a good way to get rid of items you aren’t planning on using.

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The absolute last resort for Ergo farming is using Rare Ergo that’s dropped by bosses. Using these will get you a lot of Ergo quickly. However, you can use this Rare Ergo to create special weapons and artifacts with Alidoro. So they have a much more unique purpose than simply being used for their Ergo. If you’re that desperate for a level-up, check with Alidoro that it’s not something you’ll want to create. If it’s all clear then you can go ahead and use it to level up quickly in Lies of P.

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