How to level up weapons fast in MW3

How to level up weapons fast in MW3
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Leveling up guns in MW3 can be a slow, tedious process, especially if it’s a weapon you don’t enjoy. Fortunately, there’s a neat trick you can use to speed the process up, and it provides a welcome break from multiplayer. Here’s how to level up weapons fast in MW3.

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How to speed level guns in MW3

This leveling method involves Modern Warfare Zombies and is pretty easy once you’ve got the hang of it. 

You need to bring two things into MWZ: The weapon you wish to level up and the Energy Mine Field Upgrade. The Energy Mine is unlocked by default, and you can place any weapon you like into your Insured Slot.

Everything else you bring into MWZ is optional.

When you land in MWZ, you’ll have to wait a few minutes for the Exfil points to go live. Use that time to farm some Zombie kills and charge your Energy Mine. The Mine takes roughly 25 kills to charge, and if you stick to low-threat areas, it should be easy.

How to level up weapons fast in MW3
Image: PC Invasion

With everything in place, call in an Exfil Chopper. The Exfil prompts zombies to spawn en masse, and the idea behind this trick is to get a massive group following you. Wait until there’s a huge crowd and blow them all up with the Energy Mine. 

If you do this with your chosen gun equipped, you’ll receive A ton of XP for the weapon. Remember, you can repeat this as often as you like, as you don’t need to Exfil when you call the helicopter in.

Are there any ways to make weapon XP even faster in MWZ?

Weapon XP tokens work in MWZ, although I recommend saving them for guns you don’t enjoy using. I typically buy Pack-a-Punch for my weapon, as this farming method rewards you with a ton of cash. It’s unnecessary to upgrade the gun, but it makes recharging the Energy Mine faster.

What is the Sentry Gun glitch?

A glitch allows players to spawn unlimited Sentry Guns, which players use to XP farm. This trick used to be effective but has since been patched by Sledgehammer Games. If you want to XP farm in MWZ, the method detailed above is reliable and exploit-free. 

You can even earn Zombies camos while doing this XP trick. Just keep in mind that Energy Mine kills don’t count toward your Weapon kill quota for the camo.

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