How to power up Gravity Drive in Starfield

Starfield Gravity Drive Powered Up For Jump
Screenshot: Bethesda

You’ll spend a lot of time aboard your ship in Starfield, whether you’re drifting toward your next destination, warping around the galaxy, or engaging in battle. Sometimes, for reasons not immediately apparent, your ship may refuse to function as anticipated. It won’t travel anywhere and it seems like you’re stuck. That’s not true, though. It probably just means you need to power up the Gravity Drive. Here is our guide telling you how to power up the Gravity Drive in Starfield.

Starfield – How to power up Gravity Drive

The Gravity Drive is the equipment on your ship that enables you to jump between systems. You’ll use the engine and your booster to manage short bursts of speed. A long-distance commute requires you to fire up the Gravity Drive. To use the Gravity Drive, you must devote available energy to that function.

Starfield Powered Up Gravity Drive

Screenshot: Bethesda

Any ship you pilot has a particular amount of energy. You can designate which available categories consume that energy, and make changes as needed. For instance, you might devote energy to your shield, projectile weapons, and engine when you are in the middle of a space battle. At that time, the Gravity Drive is a lower priority.

Between space battles, you should typically devote more available energy to the Gravity Drive. To power it up, simply access whatever current energy distribution options you have in place. If you are in your cockpit and piloting the ship, press the D-pad on a controller or the arrow keys on a keyboard. Then move left and right through categories. Reduce the energy to an unneeded category and apply it to the Grav Drive, which reads as ‘GRV‘ in the far right column.

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Sometimes, the game makes energy selections for you. At least, it has happened to me. I’m not sure what causes this event to occur, but I sometimes find that my Gravity Drive has no power designated to it at all. For a few seconds, I might wonder why I can’t seem to travel anywhere on the Starmap. However, I can travel again once I power up the Grav Drive, provided a destination is within range.

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