Palworld Eikthyrdeer Guide
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How to quickly find Eikthyrdeer in Palworld

Try saying that three times fast.

Eikthyrdeer is one of the cooler Pals you can find in the early game of Palworld. It’s also one that can be quite elusive to catch. Luckily, there’s a way to make catching an Eikthyrdeer pretty easy in Palworld.

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Where to find Eikthyrdeer in Palworld

Eikthyrdeer roams around in a ton of spots in Palworld. There’s a chance you might have seen one already, and by the time you’ve gone back there, it was never to be seen again. This Pal can be annoying like that, but I’ve got a way of making Palworld play nice. Head over to the Grassy Behemoth Hills and use the marker to fast travel back and forth between it and the Plateau of Beginnings.

Eventually, Eikthyrdeer should spawn near the Hills marker. Just be sure to take a careful look around the area because they sometimes hide behind rocks and trees. Eikthyrdeer is one of the more annoying Pals to catch in Palworld because it likes to hide. Or at the very least, it just likes to hide from me in particular. Check the map below for the area to head over to.

Palworld Eikthyrdeer Map Location
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This is not the only place Eikthyrdeer can appear in Palworld, but in my experience, this method has been the most consistent way of making it appear. So, if you’re struggling to find it, I recommend employing this method.

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The best ways to use Eikthyrdeer

Eikthyrdeer is a Pal that can be ridden if you have a Saddle for it. This is unlocked on the 12th level of the technology tree and costs 5 Leather, 20 Fiber, 10 Ingot, 3 Horns, and 15 Paldium Fragments. Eikthyrdeer also has the Lumbering Work Suitability. So while its uses in bases are limited, if you need this particular skill, it’s worth having on your team.

Eikthyrdeer is just one of the many Neutral Pals you can find in Palworld. But its awesome design makes it a mainstay on my team personally. And it doesn’t take long to get it to appear with this method. So try and get Eikthyrdeer as soon as you can.

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