How to recruit Amelia Earhart in Starfield

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Many characters in video games are modeled after or even inspired by certain characters in our history. Francis Ford Coppola inspired the character of Han Solo, and Vlad the Impaler inspired Dracula. But, what happens when historic figures make an appearance in our beloved entertainment media? Well, we end up with moments like this. Here is how to recruit Amelia Earhart in Starfield. Yes, you read that right.

Starfield: How to recruit Amelia Earhart

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To get Amelia Earhart to join your intergalactic adventures in Starfield, you will have to travel to the Charybdis system. It is located northwest of Porrima and you will need to either purchase a higher-tier grav drive or rank up your Astrodynamics skill. Either way, you will probably have to perform several grav jumps to get there and even more for what is to come. And yes, that means you will have to complete a mission, and a very intricate one to be honest.

Starfield Amelia Earhart Planet

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Amelia is located at Crucible, a small town located on the Charybdis III planet. Obviously, she is not the original Amelia Earhart. She is a clone, and she lives with other clones in Crucible, including characters like Genghis Khan and even Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Each of the main characters in this town has their view of the cloning experimentation they have been subjected to and how do they want to live moving forward. This all transpires during the Operation Starseed. While this mission eventually requires you to take sides, the only thing that you need to keep in mind is that, when faced with the decision of what to do with the whole cloning project, do not pick “Full Project Cleanse”. This option will wipe out all the clones, including Amelia Earhart, making it impossible to recruit her.

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Starfield Amelia Earhart Recruit

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Once you have completed Operation Starseed, interact with Amelia Earhart and recruit her. She will give you a speed boost thanks to her piloting skills and you will have a historical figure alongside you while traversing through the Milky Way. What else can you ask for?

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