How to recruit new crew members in Starfield

How To Recruit New Crew Members In Starfield
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In Starfield, you can recruit crew members to give you extra boosts to skills. Crew members can be assigned to your ship or your outposts to help you do more with their skills. Here is exactly how to recruit new crew members in Starfield.

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Where to find and recruit new crew members in Starfield

The best crew members you can recruit in Starfield are found in Constellation. Vasco and Sarah Morgan make for great ship crew members because they have high tech skills that allow you to be a better pilot in multiple ways.

Sam Coe is a great crew member, Barrett is kind of annoying but he can be recruited, and my personal favorite active companion crew member is Andreja because of her good combat skills. You can also recruit the Adoring Fan if you have that Trait.

You can also return to Argos Extractors Mining Outpost on Vectera to recruit Lin and Heller, both of which make for great outpost crew members. Those are some of the major crew members you can recruit in Starfield, but it doesn’t end there.

The best place to recruit new crew members who aren’t “main characters” is in bars and coffee shops throughout the Settled Systems. Whether you’re on Cydonia, New Atlantis, Neon, or Akila City, you’ll find plenty of people you can hire in bars and coffee shops.

Anyone named “Citizen” is just a normal person you can’t do anything with. However, anyone in a bar or coffee shop with a full name or a specialty name is recruitable. By specialty name, I mean people named “Ballistic Weapons Specialist” and “Geology Specialist,” things like that.

When you find someone that fits that description, you can recruit them if you have the space. Your ship only has so many crew member slots (which can be increased by buying a bigger ship or including more living quarters on your ship). You can and should also recruit and assign crew members to work at your outposts.

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