How To Solve Divided Prismatic Key Puzzle In Destiny 2 (2)
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How to solve Divided Prismatic Key puzzle in Destiny 2

Ice Ice Baby.

Bungie loves to chuck a couple of real brain-bending puzzles into their games. Destiny 2 has introduced the Prismatic Chest puzzles, leaving us all confused. But fear not; here is the solution to solving the Divided Prismatic Key puzzle and grabbing the Facet of Command in Destiny 2.

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How to unlock the Facet of Command chest in The Pale Heart

The secret to grabbing the Divided Prismatic Key and unlocking the chest lies in blasting piles of ice apart and using the Charges within to power up generators. Then, after all this, you still need to kill a bunch of enemies. Of course.

How To Solve Divided Prismatic Key Puzzle In Destiny 2 Location
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All ice block locations

To begin, head into the small room opposite the Prismatic chest. In here, there are the generators you need to activate and a Scorch Cannon. Pick up the scorch cannon and blast the first ice blocks in the generator room. You will receive your first charge here. However, wait before using it.

From here, you need to make your way around the area, finding the various ice block locations and collecting their Charges. The first one is in the generator room, the second just outside.

This map will show you the locations of all ice blocks to complete the Divided Prismatic Key puzzle.

Ice Block Locations Divided Prismatic Key Puzzle
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I recommend melting all the blocks first. Once you have done this, drop the Scorch Cannon and retrieve each of the Charges. Don’t put them in the generator yet. Simply store them in the room.

Load up the Generators

The generators need to reach level ten power, and each of the various Charges is worth a different amount. For the sake of this Divided Prismatic Key guide, what they’re worth isn’t important. Simply put 1 Arc and 2 Voids in one, and 2 Arc and 2 Solar in the other. If you have collected all of them, you should have enough to charge both generators.

How To Solve Divided Prismatic Key Puzzle In Destiny 2
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Kill the boss and receive the Divided Prismatic Key

Now, exit the generator room and begin the final fight for the Divided Prismatic Key. As usual, there will be a Tormentor. He is shielded by two Yellow Bar enemies that will need to be attacked with the Prismatic effect. Use the wells nearby to charge.

Once the Yellow bar enemies have been defeated, kill the Tormentor to receive the Divided Prismatic Key and unlock the Facet of Command chest in Destiny 2. Now, it’s time to move on to the next Prismatic Chest in The Pale Heart.

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