How to solve Overgrown Prismatic Key puzzle in Destiny 2
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How to solve Overgrown Prismatic Key puzzle in Destiny 2

Good luck finding these without help!

The hunt for Prismatic Fragments will have you completing tasks all over the Pale Heart. The hardest ones require you to find lost Ghosts, so let me show you how to solve the Overgrown Prismatic Key puzzle in Destiny 2.

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How to open the Overgrown Prismatic Chest in Destiny 2

The Overgrown Prismatic Chest requires a specific key to unlock, which can only be found by inspecting four specific lost Ghosts. Once you’ve found the ghosts, return to the chest and stand on the nearby plate.

Several waves of enemies will attack you, followed by a mini-boss encounter. The battle is pretty easy as there’s no penalty for dying, so the hardest part of opening the chests is tracking down the Ghosts.

With this in mind, let me show you the location of every Ghost and how to get there.

There are plenty of cryptic puzzles to solve in the Pale Heart, but Memory Vestiges are arguably the most complex.

All Ghost locations for the Overgrown Prismatic Key

You can grab the Ghosts in any order, but here’s a route that hits them all, starting at the Lost City Landing Zone. Leave the area through the entrance guarded by Cabal.

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Take the right exit when you reach the room above, jump down the rafters, and head outside. There are a lot of enemies, but you don’t have to fight them.

How to solve Overgrown Prismatic Key puzzle in Destiny 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Jump across the rooftops and into the doorway in the image above.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

When the Lost City, Outskirts prompt appears, look for the archway in the image above. Jump onto it, and you’ll find the Ghost on top of the signpost right next to you. If you’re playing with friends, only one of you needs to inspect the Ghost, and it counts for everyone.

Ghost Location #2

Fortunately, you don’t have to travel far for this one. From the location in the image above, turn right and head outside. There’s a few Hive out here and a Shrieker by the railings. I recommend defeating the Shrieker, as the next ghost is at the bottom of the stairs.

How to solve Overgrown Prismatic Key puzzle in Destiny 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Your target is tucked away behind the boxes in the image above. When you’re ready, jump over the platforms and toward the next Ghost.

Ghost Location #3

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The third Ghost is close but easy to miss. Keep following the linear path until you reach a doorway. The Ghost is outside, right above the door, and you can reach it by jumping on the broken staircase.

Ghost Location #4

The fourth and final Ghost is just down the hill from your location. Keep following the path outside as it banks to the right, and you’ll see a metal structure.

How to solve Overgrown Prismatic Key puzzle in Destiny 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You’ll find the Ghost hidden in the wreckage, and I’ve marked the exact location in the image above. As before, I recommend knocking out the nearby Shrieker, as it won’t leave you alone otherwise. Once you’ve found all four Ghosts, you’ll see a prompt in the bottom corner of the screen that reads, “The final lost Ghost has been found.”

You’re pretty close to the Overgrown Prismatic Chest here. Head into the tunnel under the wreckage and turn left when you hit the coast to find the chest and plate to open it. Once you’ve defeated the enemies, you’ll earn the Facet of Mending Fragment for your Prismatic Collection.

If you’re still wrapping your head around Prismatic Fragments, there’s one to suit every build, from raw power to niche applications.

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